Feel the heartbeat of Africa

Our Philosophy

Lentim Safaris stands for a gentle, natural and ecological tourism. The focus is on introducing you to and letting you experience the wildlife of Kenya. This includes in-depth information about flora and fauna as well as authentic encounters with the local people. Thanks to the great team on the ground who are ready and always happy to assist and we can live to pass on our philosophy. 

It is important to us that safari participants get a profound understanding of nature. The protection of wildlife and the role of people in it are addressed. An understanding can only develop when people recognize connections and acquire knowledge. Knowledge leads to respect and to thoughtful behaviour towards others and the environment.

We are convinced that tourism and an insight into wildlife are needed so that wild areas can be preserved for the future and the local people can make a living.


Recognizing connections

The best way to convey knowledge is through emotional experiences and by telling stories about the African bush. These are the daily dramas that take place in the savannah, which are of interest.

An example of the food chain: it is said that killing a crocodile costs many lives. How? Answer: The crocodile eats catfish, which eats tilapia. This in turn eats the larvae of the Anopheles mosquito, which is responsible for the spread of malaria. If a crocodile dies now, there will be more catfish. These eat more tilapia due to the increase in population. Therefore the population of tilapia is shrinking, and so the Anopheles mosquitoes are increasing - and so is malaria.

Cyprian Otieno Richard Gregory Schmid