Our luxuries are nature experiences

A very special walk

Walking in the bush is an incredibly intense and direct nature experience. On the extensive bush walks you will be guided safely through the savannah by a local guide. On the easy nature walks, he will draw your attention to the tracks of cats of prey, to termite mounds and to many animals or plants in their natural environment. Every day, dramas take place that often tell of life and survival. Our guides will bring these stories closer to you.

Nature Walks

The bush or nature walks do not require any special stamina or hiking experience and are aimed at anyone who likes to move around in the open. You should simply be good on foot. If you have physical limitations and/or are dependent on medication, we will clarify in a conversation what is feasible.

Safety is our top priority. Our guides know the areas as well as the behaviour of the animals. Depending on the area, the ranger is armed and will guide you safely through the savannah. You will be instructed before the nature walk.

Nature Walks
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