Kenya, cradle of mankind and motherland of all safaris

10 reasons why Kenya is the right choice

Look forward to the real Africa, sound background knowledge, exciting encounters with the Maasai and a unique wildlife in the vastness of Kenya. A luxuriant nature and a fascinating culture await you.

  1. Kenya offers different climate zones in one country, from the palm beaches to the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya.
  2. Kenya offers varied and many-sided areas in which to travel, from wooded hills to savannahs and breath-taking volcanic landscapes, from the tropical south to semi-deserts in the north.
  3. Kenya unites ancient and contemporary cultures, from the lively, modern Nairobi to authentic, traditional tribes.
  4. Kenya's overwhelming nature offers a great variety of species and a fascinating biodiversity. Wildlife experts and filmmakers choose Kenya for its wildlife.
  5. Kenya offers romantic wilderness, beautiful lodges in fantastic locations and breath-taking atmosphere.
  6.  Kenya offers holidays for families, lovers and singles, for young and old and for every purse.
  7.  Kenya has a great tourist tradition and well-trained safari guides with many years of experience.
  8.  Kenya's cooks offer their guests a tasty, good cuisine with a high standard.
  9.  Kenya's people are friendly, gentle and service-oriented.
  10.  Kenya and the tireless Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) are committed to preserving wildlife and protected areas, in order to keep them intact for posterity.
Cyprian Otieno Richard Gregory Schmid